Saturday, November 1, 2014

Auckland Diner's Diary: October 2014

Lots going on in town last month...

Inner City Eats
  • The Crew Club - maritime themed bar/restaurant in the Viaduct overlooking the harbour, where the Waterfront Cafe used to be
  • Greedy Guts - the cooked-to-order sandwiches come in portable cardboard boxes for convenience at this little cafe by Sam Richardson and Lili Deng, the founders of Cereal Killa, but don't worry, there are a few seats where you can sit down too
  • Misters Real Food - eatery in Wyndham Street offering gluten- and dairy-free food with vegan and paleo options. Also uses cardboard boxes, but with plenty of seating.
  • Mojo Art Gallery - this latest branch of Mojo Coffee has a menu designed by Martin Bosley. Offers activated bread and muesli from the Raw Kitchen, as well as cooked dishes with gluten-free and meat, fish and vegetarian options.
  • Box of bird - another branch of the store from Bird on a Wire, sold from a container stall in the Elliott Street carpark.
  • The Minister - second level cafe in the Mid City Arcade. Just coffee and baked goods at this stage, but hopefully they will have a proper menu soon.
  • [Added 31 December 2015: Revo Cafe now occupies the narrow building on K'Rd which was previously Rumplestitltskins/Theatre/Brazil]
Flavours From Around the World
  • Peasant - Vietnamese-inspired restaurant run by brothers John and Simon Yip, where Two Monkeys used to be at the Mount Eden end of Dominion Road. Not at all low class, they present their food beautifully and use a good amount of hydroponic herbs.
  • Sautee - Newmarket restaurant with food from Turkey and surrounds, where Ile de France used to be.
  • Pepitos - tapas bar, cafe and deli in Milford, from Chef Serafin Bueno Sanz of Serafin and Jose Luis Fowler of Cook at Home Paella.
  • Hot Pot BBQ 梁山炭火 - Chinese hotpot restaurant in Newmarket, opposite the new university campus next to JHC Fruit and Vege on Khyber Pass.
  • 私房菜館 Sifangcai Restaurant - new Chinese restaurant next to Mr Pot on Dominion Road, where Shanghai De Hui used to be.
  • [Added 11 November 2014: Viet Sandwich - market stall selling bánh mì and sometimes other things like summer rolls.]
  • [Added 27 May 2015: Hatz Restaurant - Japanese eatery in Newmarket.]

Suburban Cafes

Coming Soon

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